Theory and application of Criminal Law

Law plays a vital role in society. The law helps define a society’s values and also provides a means to solve problems and disputes without resorting to violence. A Level Law enables you to further explore the relationship between Law, Society and the Individual.

When you begin A Level Law you will be introduced to the English Legal System as a whole. This will involve looking at how Law is made, who can make Law and how Judges interpret Statutes. Here you will also study the role of legal personnel including barristers and solicitors as well as the role lay people have in the Law (i.e. Juries and Magistrates).

You will study both the theory and application of Criminal Law. This will involve looking at the fatal offences of murder, voluntary manslaughter and involuntary manslaughter. The course will also cover non-fatal offences of assault, battery, assault occasioning actual bodily harm, wounding and grievous bodily harm with intent. You will also look at property offences, including theft and robbery as well as the capacity defences of insanity and intoxication, the necessity defences of self-defence, duress, and duress of circumstances and the preliminary offences of attempt.

In Tort Law you will study liability in negligence for injury to people and damage to property. You will also cover occupiers’ liability, vicarious liability and you will consider any defences. In addition, you will look at the Law of Contract covering a person’s rights and remedies if a contract goes wrong.

Where will this course lead?

The course encourages you to develop the skills necessary to analyse and solve problems by applying rules and to develop the ability to communicate arguments and conclusions clearly and succinctly. It will help you substantiate arguments and develop an enquiring and critical mind. As such, Law at Carmel provides an excellent background for university and careers not only in law, but also in journalism, local and central government, public relations, teaching, and a range of management and business areas.

Over half of our students go on to study for a degree in Law. Many of them study Law at the top universities including Oxford, Cambridge and Durham.

Course Entry Requirements

Grade 5 in GCSE English Language

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What our students say about Law

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Law Alumni

Caitlin Corrigan – Law, Oxford University

Natasha Clieve – Law, Oxford University

Ella Turner – Law, York University

Anna Begley  – Law, Cambridge University

Caitlin Richards – LLB Law, Lancaster University

Adam Smith – LLB Law with European & International Studies, University of Sheffield

Liberty Maloney – Alumni profile

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What Our Students Say

At Carmel, I feel like my academic ability is always being challenged and I am constantly supported by my tutors to excel to my fullest potential. Through studying Law at A Level, I have learned to conceptualise and apply the law in complicated real life scenarios, which has developed my understanding of the inner workings of society.

I have participated in the National Bar Mock Trial competition twice as part of my enrichment in which our team came second in the North West. I also took part in the Law Vocational Programme where I completed 3 days of work experience at a Manchester Law Firm where I met with a Barrister and even got the chance to sit in with him for a client meeting.

The Law department at Carmel has impressed me in their commitment to not only challenging students to enable them to achieve amazing grades, but through their support with exam preparation and real life experiences in the legal sector which attracts offers from prestigious universities. I have applied to do LLB Law at university and I'm very excited for the future and the legal career ahead of me!

Divya Biju