Reporting Sickness Absences to Reception.

Sickness should be reported to the college each day, please can you let us know by contacting us on 01744 452200, selecting option 1 and then option 2 to report a student sickness.

For sickness absences of more than 1 week, students are required to provide their Personal Achievement Tutor with a medical certificate. This period of time will be recorded as unauthorised.

Reporting Authorised Absences to Personal Achievement Tutor.

The college will authorise absence for college-related activities such as trips, fieldwork, work experience, study leave and examinations.

A limited number of other types of absence are also classified as authorised,  including university open days, hospital/orthodontist appointments, driving/theory tests, funerals, and religious holidays. Students need to provide evidence where applicable and see their Personal Achievement Tutor.

Routine medical and dental check-ups or driving lessons will not be authorised. Dental and Medical check-ups are to be arranged outside of college where possible. Students may use a free period if this is not possible.


Holidays in term time will be recorded as unauthorised; such absences are not approved by the college. Please advise your Personal Achievement Tutor if you will be on holiday in term time. Click the link to view our term dates. TERM DATES