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The continued growth and success of Physical Education and Sport at Carmel College has resulted in a significant increase in the number of elite performers starting courses at the college. We have been recognised by Sport England as a Dual Career Accredited Centre because of how we support the differing needs of these athletes via our Elite Athlete Support Programme.

Support Available

What does the Programme at Carmel College involve?

  • Helps national standard young athletes achieve their full sporting potential
  • Ensures that chances of academic success are maximised
  • Elite Athletes receive a range of support, specific to their needs

To date we have had a range of athletes benefit from the Programme, including a Taekwondo champion, Rugby Academy Scholars and athletes on the UK Athletics Elite Development pathway.

What support will I receive?

  • Online resources to support academic courses for when athletes are required to have extended time away to train or compete
  • Our PE-based mentors will provide personalised athlete support to help you cope with demands
  • Additional academic workshops to revisit any work missed as a result of sporting commitments
  • Workshops from Guest Speakers on a variety of topics, such as media training
  • Customised timetables to ensure that the impact of regular commitments is minimised. Individual requirements will be taken into account and it may be possible to streamline some elements of a Programme

How do I apply?

  • Applications take place after enrolling at Carmel College
  • To qualify, athletes must be competing at an elite level by being selected by their national governing body (or equivalent)
  • Athletes should be representing their country or region in their chosen discipline

Any questions?

Please email our Elite Athlete Co-ordinator, Simon Verry, at sport@carmel.ac.uk if you have any questions or would like any further information. Alternatively, you can call the college on 01744 452 200.

Further Information

Elite Athlete Support Programme Booklet