Earlier this week, our Law students joined in a Teams meeting with former student, Lorraine Cavanagh, who is now a Queen’s Council (QC)!

Lorraine grew up in Warrington and attended St Gregory’s High School before coming to Carmel College to do her A Levels. She studied Law at Manchester University and after a successful career as a barrister, she became only the 452nd woman ever to become a QC.

Lorraine spoke to our students for well over an hour on Monday before taking questions from them. She encouraged our students to believe that with hard work they could become a barrister too, if that was what they wanted.

She explained that there were numerous sources of funding available. These include funding from Inns of Court and private universities to pay for the postgraduate study. She also explained that you don’t need to come from a wealthy background or to have gone to a private school and Oxbridge to succeed.

Lorraine discussed the working practises of a barrister and how they need to think on their feet and have to research whole new areas of law overnight to defend clients at short notice. She concluded by saying that she loved her job!

Many thanks to Lorraine for taking the time to speak to our students. Hopefully this will inspire some them to become barristers of the future.

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