A Level Politics Entry Requirements

GCSE grade 5 in English Language.


Politics is one of the most interesting and engaging qualifications you can choose. It is lively, relevant and controversial, covering
news and current affairs from the UK and the US. We offer engaging teaching and learning using a wide range of methods. There are opportunities for trips, competitions and talks during the course. This is highly regarded by universities and employers as it develops research, written communication and debate skills.

What you will study

  • Government & Politics of the UK
  • Government & Politics of the USA and comparative Politics
  • Political Ideas


  • Regular progress grades from written assignments
  • Three x 2 hour exams at the end of year two

Course Support

  • Friendly approachable tutor
  • Regular support / extension tutorials
  • A range of teaching methods including presentations, debates, quizzes, research etc
  • Additional online resources
  • Exam question preparation

Enrichment Activities

  • Develop your public speaking skills in our Debating Society
  • Guest speakers (Steve Rotheram and Marie Rimmer MP)
  • Annual London trip to visit Parliament
  • Debating competitions such as the ESU’s Schools’ Mace, the European Youth Parliament and the Athenaeum Debates
  • Take part in the Mock United Nations General Assembly (MUNGA) and the European Youth Parliament Debates


  • Leads to a wide range of university courses and careers
  • Some of our former students have graduated and gone on to work for the BBC, Amazon, KPMG and the Ministry of Defence

Career Opportunities

The study of politics is very useful for a number of careers. Some examples include Politician, Police Officer, Journalist, Civil Servant, Public Affairs role, Accountant, Stockbroker, Business Manager and Social Researcher .

Further Information

A Level Politics Course Leaflet

Exam board course specification

Politics students visit the Supreme Court in London

Politics students represent Carmel College at the Athenaeum Debates

ECU Schools’ Mace Competition


What Our Students Say

At Carmel I enjoy the positive academic atmosphere which allows me to fulfil my potential. I have had the pleasure of meeting many like-minded people in my courses that share similar interests to me.

During my time at Carmel, I have been impressed by a wide range of things. The facilities the college provides are fantastic such as the library, which has been extremely useful to me personally.

Additionally, the teaching standards at Carmel are very high and the constant testing means that the teachers always know how you are doing in your course. This allows me to achieve the best grades possible.

When I leave Carmel, I hope to study History and Politics at university. One of my aspirations is to study for one year abroad while at university. The place I would like to do this is in the US due to my interest in the American political system. These were not aspirations I had before Carmel however, the staff at Carmel have encouraged me to be more ambitious which is something that will stay with me for the rest of my life.

Patrick Bird

Politics Patrick Bird