A Level Politics is an exciting subject because the vast majority of people do have political opinions. People often have an opinion even if they think that they are “not political”.

It is also perhaps the most contemporary academic subject because of its newsworthy nature. If you watch any news bulletin there are usually one or two items that are either directly or indirectly connected to politics. e.g. the economy, education, Brexit, the health service etc.

Of course, there are differences of opinion on these matters. This is what actually makes it such an intriguing subject to study.

Where does an A Level Politics course lead?

The course will prepare you for continued study at university degree level and various possible career pathways thereafter. The study of Politics is very useful for a number of careers and is a well-established subject at the most prestigious universities in the UK.

A Level Politics Entry Requirements

GCSE grade 5 in English Language.

A Level Politics Course Leaflet

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Exam board course specification

Politics News

Local MP hosts Q&A with our Politics students

Politics students debate at MUNGA 2019

Team Carmel wins European Youth Parliament Debate

Washington D.C. Trip 2019

Youth Parliament Elections

Politics students visit London and The Houses of Parliament

Politics students debate at MUNGA

Lower Sixth students take part in EYP Debate

Politics students visit Westminster

Politics Alumni

Natasha Clieve – Law, Oxford University

Eva Carroll – English, King’s College, Cambridge

Jack Thompson – Politics, Sheffield

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What Our Students Say

In my time at Carmel, I have already greatly improved the dexterity of my skills and developed new areas of interest. I took three new subjects when I started. I had never done any of them before and I have been impressed with the level of support and the standard of teaching provided. You are well led through the course but also granted the freedom and independence to develop yourself.

I have enjoyed Politics, especially listening to new ideas and opinions analysing the political world. I have been engaged in multiple trips and enrichment activities such as Model UN, European Youth parliament and the fantastic trip to Washington DC. All of these are special and unique to the Politics department at Carmel and provide you with the opportunity to have fantastic experiences and meet new people.

Carmel is a great place to study Politics as the level of support is phenomenal and this is the reason it is my favourite subject. Hopefully after my development at Carmel I will go on to study Politics and Philosophy at university and then pursue a career in the Navy. This would not be possible without the outstanding dedication of the college.

Joseph Maloney