Having successfully completed your GCSE course you are now in a position to tackle maths at a more advanced level. This is a highly regarded and enjoyable A-level course. Even students who may not have enjoyed GCSE Maths at school find A level Maths a much more stimulating and rewarding course.

Here at Carmel, we are very proud of our Maths students’ outstanding record of achievement over many years. We can guarantee that every student will receive first class tuition using a variety of teaching strategies in a modern spacious environment. This coupled with our excellent support programme makes Carmel, in our opinion, the only place to study A Level Maths.

Where will this the A Level Maths course lead?

A-level maths can lead to a myriad of courses in both further and higher education. Obvious careers include accountancy, banking, engineering, medicine, computing and scientific statistical research.

However, there are many other diverse areas where mathematical skills are recognised as invaluable and essential. If you are planning to study a mathematics based course at university, we recommend that you should also choose A Level Further Maths.

Course Entry Requirements

GCSE grade 6 in Maths.

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Maths News

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What Our Students Say

Carmel is a great place to study, the staff and students are amazing and the college has excellent support networks to ensure that your experience at college is the best possible. The feeling I get when I finally solve a problem I deemed impossible minutes before is why I love to study maths. I’ve learnt so many new skills whilst during my studies that can be applied to many subjects and life. Some aspects of the A Level Maths can be very challenging but that’s why the tutors are so amazing.

E'Lsie Ocaka

E'Lsie Ocaka - A Level Maths student