Our Lower Sixth A Level and BTEC Business students had a great time in London. They spent two days there to support their studies.

The trip began with a walking tour of the financial district. This gave them an understanding of how the city has changed from its original commercial trading. London is now the world’s most diverse financial centre. It has stocks, shares, bonds, gilts, hedge funds and investment banking as well as specialist and mainstream insurance. In addition to this, it has the largest foreign currency exchange market along with “support” businesses that enable it to function including law, accountancy and assurance firms.

During their stay the group also had the opportunity to visit to the Netflix headquarters. They met with the HR Director, had a tour of the premises and listened to a talk on the core values, strategy and vision of Netflix.

Obviously, no trip to London is complete without a spot of sightseeing! Our students visited Hyde Park as well as seeing lots of famous landmarks from the London Eye and a Thames boat cruise.

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