Thirty of our Upper 6th students recently participated in a transformative subject taster day at Edge Hill University. The event centered around the captivating theme of Criminology and the Criminal Justice System, offering students a unique opportunity to explore the world of law and justice first-hand.

During their visit, students were immersed in a rich educational experience that included a comprehensive campus tour and engaging workshops led by esteemed university lecturers. These workshops not only broadened their knowledge but also honed their practical skills, particularly in the context of the legal system.

One of the highlights of the day was a session in the moot court, where students assumed the roles of appellants and respondents, engaging in simulated courtroom debates. This hands-on experience enabled them to develop crucial public speaking abilities and gain insight into the art of conducting themselves professionally in a courtroom setting, including the use of appropriate language when addressing a judge. The students embraced the opportunity to think critically about a wide range of criminological issues and engaged in spirited debates, all while being observed by their peers. This experience pushed many students beyond their comfort zones, fostering personal growth and resilience.

Carmel’s Head of Criminology, Darryl Wood, said: “The trip provided students with a really useful insight into university life and potential careers in Law or the Criminal Justice System. Camel College remains committed to providing its students with exceptional learning opportunities that extend beyond the classroom. This visit to Edge Hill University exemplifies the institution’s dedication to preparing students for successful futures in fields like law and the criminal justice system.”

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