Carmel student, Yasmin Al-Zuhairi recently attended a conference at the University of Manchester and received awards for best presentation!

Yasmin Al-Zuhairi recieving her award

On Saturday 29th June, Yasmin Al-Zuhairi attended a conference at the University of Manchester, where she was chosen to present a topic of interest to the university’s medical students. Yasmin decided to talk about gut bacteria and its influence in human health and disease. She chose this topic as she found it fascinating, how scientific research into gut bacteria is changing the way we understand diseases such as; obesity and cancer.

After her presentation, she was given feedback from her audience and panel of lecturers. Additionally, Yasmin was asked to reflect on her experience. At the end of the conference, there was an awards ceremony where she received 3 certificates for:

  • Delivering a presentation at the conference
  • Delivering the best presentation in the session
  • Best contribution to the conference sessions

When we caught up with Yasmin she said “I found the conference very engaging and informative. It was a brilliant experience and I am so grateful to have been given the opportunity.”. Congratulations and well done to Yasmin for her achievements, we are so proud!

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