Firstly, students enjoy A Level Biology as it gives a wide range of learning experiences. These include practical work and dissections as well as practice exam questions. You will take part in lots of interactive activities designed to support your understanding of the theoretical concepts.

The course covers a wide variety of fundamental biological principles. It also covers how this knowledge is used in the 21st century, for example in stem cell research. A Level Biology will lead to a range of purely biological sciences at university. However, it is essential for a career in clinical professions such as medicine and veterinary science. A Level Biology is also a big advantage for other areas of study such as forensics.

A Level Biology Resources

4 fully equipped laboratories including for example;

  • Equipment for class practical work
  • Equipment for individual research investigations
  • Interactive whiteboards
  • Data logging equipment for real-time data capture
  • Quality light microscopes for experimental work
  • Centrifuges for organelle separation
  • Electrophoresis equipment for nucleic acid analysis
  • Computer workstations, all students also have access to a computer suite
  • Biological models

Where does A Level Biology lead?

There are many careers for which A Level Biology is either essential or very useful. These include – zoology, medicine, nursing, dentistry, physiotherapy, forensics, criminology, and veterinary science. Other careers include pharmacy, pharmacology, biochemistry, sports therapy, psychology, speech therapy, forestry, biotechnology, food science, microbiology, radiography, teaching, business, science writing or art.

Course Entry Requirements

Grade 5 in GCSE Biology or 55 in Combined Science plus grade 5 in GCSE Maths and grade 4 in English Language.

A Level Biology Course Leaflet

Exam Board Course Specification

A Level Biology News

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What Our Students Say

Carmel is a rewarding place to study as it has a friendly community feel that allows you to work to the best of your abilities. There is great support from all staff with lots of places around college for independent study.
The open door policy of subject teachers means that when you need advice, or are stuck on questions etc, there is always somebody there to help. A Level Biology is a rewarding subject that is really interesting and varied as it encompasses a range of different aspects of Biology, from human transport to gene expression. Biology also allows you to gain skills in maths, problem solving and exam techniques which can also be used for your other subjects. At Carmel there’s fantastic support with regards to work placements. I personally benefited from a week’s work experience at the Cardio Respiratory ward at Whiston Hospital. This not only gave me plenty to talk about in my university interviews, but also set me apart from other applicants.

Lewis Howard