This week our High Achievers+ Programme Coordinators invited our Oxbridge applicants to an away day at St Helens World of Glass to practice and refine their interview skills.

The day started with general tips and advice from High Achiever coordinators who are specialists in their areas and created break-out groups to allow the students to engage in academic discussion with their peers from a range of subjects.

Questions were challenging and this led on to further work shops during the day.  MDV students took part in a ‘walk through’ interview, STEM students worked through some complex further maths questions and Law students were challenged on their personal statements and some very challenging questions were debated such as ‘What would happen in criminal law if the King murdered the Queen consort?’

All our students across all subjects left feeling more confident and prepared to engage in challenging questioning and their personal statements.

Best of luck to all of them who are successful in securing an interview at Oxbridge in the next few weeks.

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