Upper Sixth student, Rozhin Cheraghian, is a Cambridge HE+ Programme finalist! She will present her research at the Cambridge university next month.

Rozhin, who is part of the High Achievers+ Programme at Carmel, joined the Cambridge HE+ Programme last year. This allowed her to attend mock seminars and lectures delivered by the students at the University of Cambridge. Rozhin also had the chance to engage with online learning materials throughout the year and create her own independent research project on a topic of interest.

We recently caught up with Rozhin to find out a bit more about her project. Rozhin said: “My research, within the theme of ‘the future’, was completely independent. There were two parts to it, one was the poster which summarises the research and the second was the abstract. My research title is ‘To what extent will AI alter the conventional style of HR management and consequently could this mean microeconomic reform in the labour market?’

“The research focuses on how the rapid pace of technology development of AI (artificial intelligence) will create a shift in HR management. Automation and the use of Chatbots to respond to queries allows for a much easier recruitment process.

“The second focus of my research is the effect that this could have on the labour economics in the long term as many jobs would be replaced as a result of the automation. I believe that there will be an overall benefit to the system as there is a change in occupational skill requirements (more IT based roles).”

Cambridge University marked and assessed Rozhin’s research which scored 23 out of 24 marks! Last week Rozhin received an email from the university to inform her that she is a finalist. Rozhin will present her research and respond to questions regarding her findings at Cambridge on 12th November.

This is a fantastic achievement. We wish Rozhin the very best of luck. Find out more about Carmel’s High Achievers+ Programme here.