Former Performance student, Emma Jane Morton has been in touch to let us know about landing her role in the hit musical ‘Amelie’.

This is what she had to say…

After leaving Carmel in 2008, I continued training for a career in Musical Theatre and secured an agent. It hasn’t been easy, but I have been so fortunate to land roles in four National No.1 UK tours as well as several top regional productions, small-scale tours and London Fringe productions.

Emma Jane’s current role

At the moment I am performing in ‘Amelie The Musical’ at the Liverpool Playhouse as part of the ensemble. My main responsibility is to understudy a few of the female roles, all of which I have gone on to play. We are just in the process of transferring the show to The Other Palace in London, so it is incredibly exciting to be part of an original London cast.

I love my job a huge amount and feel so lucky to be doing what I enjoy. Highlights have definitely been performing as a professional at both The Liverpool Empire and Liverpool Playhouse. On the flip side, being self-employed in performance work can be tough, especially during those periods of uncertainty when you aren’t working.

Emma Jane looks back on her time at Carmel

I had an amazing time at Carmel with so many performing opportunities. More than anything, it taught me self motivation which is what I need to cope with those quiet periods. It taught me self-discipline, time management, being resourceful, taking care of yourself mentally and being kind. It also helped me to understand others and gave me massive amounts of belief and determination.

The grades I achieved academically mean I can stay afloat in other areas between contracts. This means I can still pay for my constant training and getting to auditions. I am essentially my own business, so even my maths skills and my writing skills all come into play.

I am still in touch with some of the performance staff who taught me and they are always so supportive. They often come to watch my work so I always remember my time at the college so fondly.

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