As part of the National Theatre Connections Festival, A-Level Drama & Theatre students have been working on a play for the last six months which they performed in our Dalton Theatre last week.

Every year, National Theatre looks for 300 youth theatres and schools to apply to stage one of a choice of ten fantastic plays which have been commissioned especially for the Festival. Successful applicants then give two performances of their chosen play at their home theatre, before transferring to a local professional Theatre. Carmel’s choice of play was ‘Flesh’. The students performed really well and raised £50 in donations for Willowbrook Hospice.

‘Flesh’ is written by Scottish playwright Rob Drummond, who brings us a story about young people who wake up on an isolated island in the highlands of Scotland with no idea how they got there. They are separated into red and green ‘tribes’ and after some time, the panic sets in and they resort to eating their teacher who they find elsewhere on the island. The play challenges how humans have instincts that ‘make us safe’ and also questions what behaviour becomes immoral when we are under pressure of potential death. It is revealed that the students were part of an experiment to see how humans respond when they are segregated and their individual identity is taken from them.

Carmel’s A-Level Drama & Theatre students will continue their journey in the National Theatre Connections Festival at HOME in Manchester on 27th April. Tickets are £5

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