Two of our Combined English students have been offered a place on the prestigious Villiers Park course!

The course prepares students for Oxbridge applications. They will be studying ‘Creative Writing: Finding Your Voice in April 2019. The Inspiring Excellence Programme enables young people to develop their academic and personal skills. One of our students, Maisie Delaney, has been in touch to tell us about her achievement:

Student Maisie Delaney

“I applied to Villiers Park in the hope that it would give me experience. Not only with expanding my knowledge of creative writing and engaging literature, but to also help familiarise myself with the environment at Cambridge. I’m hoping the trip will inspire me to pursue my interest in literature and writing further. As well as offer me the opportunity to meet new people who share the same interests.”

We are so proud of our students for enrolling on the Villiers Park: Inspiring Excellence Programme. congratulations and good luck!

For more information, visit: The Villiers Park Website (external page removed)