A Level English Language & Literature is a popular course that links the skills of both English Language and English Literature study. It will appeal to students who have enjoyed both aspects at GCSE and wish to continue studying them in a broader and more in-depth manner.

During the two years, you will explore how ‘voice’ is crafted in both speech and writing. Focusing on a drama text (All My Sons) and a range of short literary, non-literary and digital texts. You will also study texts that give you the opportunity to explore the ways in which different writers use language techniques and literary devices. Also on how writers use these to convey their thoughts or ideas on a theme in literary and non-fiction writing. For example, you will analyse the techniques Fitzgerald uses to explore ‘Society and the Individual’ in ‘The Great Gatsby’.

As well as reading and analysing texts written by other people, you will also be given the opportunity to develop your own skills as a writer. By producing fiction and a non-fiction text in response to a topic area, such as ‘Crossing Boundaries’. You will also undertake wider reading to further your understanding of texts from a range of genres and time periods.

Where does an A Level English Language & Literature course lead?

English subjects are challenging, but are an excellent preparation both for university and your future career. Obvious careers include journalism, sales, teaching, management, administration, information management, publishing and careers in the public services.

Course Entry Requirements

Grade 5 in GCSE English Language and a grade 5 in GCSE English Literature (if studied).

English Language & Literature Course Leaflet

What our students say about English Language & Literature

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What Our Students Say

Studying English as a combined course has enabled me to acquire the skills I feel will help me in further education as well as in life. It is an intriguing A-Level which sparks creativity as well as helps you to construct critical and invaluable analysis. I’ve particularly enjoyed learning about the genre of modernism; Philip Larkin’s realisation of post-war Britain offers a strange yet vastly interesting lament on modern life.

Carmel has been an excellent bridge between my journey from secondary school to University as it has aided my independence and prepared me for adult life. I have found college to be an excellent creative hub and have utilised the many extra-curricular resources such as having the opportunity to perform in a comedic play. English Lang & Lit has accompanied my studies in Drama perfectly and has given me the confidence and skills I will need when I take my gap year to South East Asia before studying Drama in London.

Jack Tisdall