A-Level Physics students visited Daresbury Labs last week where they enjoyed an activity-packed day.

We are lucky to have this world-renowned centre of excellence on our doorstep.  Daresbury Laboratory specialises in particle accelerator technology and for this reason, it is part of an international network which includes links with CERN in Geneva.

The programme for the day was full of Physics-related activities including:

  • A Lesson on the History of the Daresbury Laboratory and the Cockcroft Institute
  • A guided tour of a Particle Accelerator
  • A ‘Particle Physics and the LHC’ lecture delivered by the University of Manchester
  • An exercise in identifying particle beam collision results from the Large Hadron Collider
  • A lecture on magnetic fields & the purpose and design of accelerator magnets
  • Demonstrations of vacuum, electrostatic acceleration and superconductivity

Additionally, students were encouraged to ask questions and discuss careers in science and engineering. We are very grateful to all the staff at Daresbury for helping to make the day a great experience for our students.

For more information about studying Physics here at Carmel, visit our website A-Level Physics Page