A Level Physics is a key part of science and technology and it appeals to those people who want to understand the world around them.

The course delivers physics in a stimulating manner whilst ensuring that the basics necessary for further study are covered. Astrophysics, particle physics, quantum physics and technological applications such as medical physics are some of the areas that you will find particularly enjoyable.


2 fully equipped laboratories including:

  • equipment for class practical work
  • equipment for individual research investigations
  • data logging equipment for real time data capture
  • lasers, microwave transmitters and receivers, spectrometers etc for wave/light experiments
  • radioactive sources and detectors for radiation experiments
  • oscilloscopes, electronics workstations, digital multimeters etc. for d.c. and a.c. circuits
  • data projectors
  • computer workstations, all students also have access to a computer suite

Where does this course lead?

This is a fascinating subject to study at higher level and Physics graduates are in demand because of their analytical and problem solving skills. Physics is an essential requirement for a number of careers and in the past our students have entered a broad range of areas including engineering, medicine, architecture, computer science as well as physics.

Entry Requirements

You will need grade 5 in GCSE Physics or 55 in Combined Science plus grade 6 in GCSE Maths and grade 5 in GCSE English Language.

Physics Course Leaflet

exam board course specification

Physics News

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What Our Students Say

Physics is a useful subject for all students. The analysis and problem solving skills gained can be applied to a broad range of subjects. As I hope to study Engineering at university, I also find the subject matter interesting in its own right. At Carmel the course material is taught well and students are always informed about how each topic is relevant to them. The Physics department has also helped me to choose my future career path and given me confidence to pursue it. From organising enrichment opportunities and guest speakers to encouraging me to apply for summer schools and the Nuffield placement. Also the daily help available from the Physics tutors at Carmel has given me the best possible foundation for moving forward in my education.

Beth Austin