Not only do we work tirelessly to support our students to achieve the very best academic outcomes, we also look to provide as many practical opportunities to give our students the chance to spend time with some of the very best companies and organisations available.

We have an agreement in place to provide as many diverse opportunities for our students as possible. Whether they want to work for the NHS, become an Accountant or Teacher, Graphic Designer or Psychologist, Cyber Security Specialist or Entrepreneur, we aim to provide placements for as many of our students as possible.

Each placement is bespoke to the individual student ensuring that the practical and academic elements blend well and support each other.

Whether this means a regular day or time each week worked around free periods or in holiday time, it is rare that an opportunity cannot be identified.

All employers and many university courses expect candidates to have some form of practical experience in the work place and volunteering experience to support this. With this in mind, we have made vital links with many of our local charities to identify new projects or volunteering opportunities. We ensure Carmel students are aware of these exciting prospects that can support future preparation for employment.

We look to continually grow our provision for work experience and volunteering so if you want your business/charity to get involved we will be very pleased to meet with you.

You can find out more by contacting our Work Experience Co-ordinator Vikki Moran: