Extended Project Qualification, or EPQ, Level 3 is an additional qualification that you can opt to take if you have a genuine passion for a subject area and would enjoy the opportunity of researching it to undergraduate level standard and experiencing university style supervisions. All our students who have completed EPQ have said they would strongly recommend it to you as it has helped them to secure offers from prestigious universities whilst simultaneously allowing them to indulge in research in their chosen field.

Universities look very favourably on EPQ as they know it develops the higher level skills they are looking for. Carmel students have had offers for medicine, veterinary science, aerospace engineering and pharmacy as well as offers from Oxford and Cambridge Universities. We feel that the Extended Project Qualification really gave them a distinct advantage in their Personal Statements and an interview. The EPQ also attracts UCAS points.

Course Entry Requirements for Extended Project Qualification

This course is offered to students in June of the first year. Anyone can apply and there are a series of tasks and activities to complete as part of the application process.

Extended Project Course Leaflet

Exam board course specification

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What our students say about EPQ

What Our Students Say

Choosing to undertake an EPQ at Carmel has unequivocally been one of the best decisions I have ever made because I feel so much more prepared for university.

The qualification has enhanced my organisation abilities, introduced me to new academic areas such as referencing and has developed my communication skills through the presentation aspect. Whilst this is predominately an independent qualification, I have been given so much support from my EPQ tutor and never felt lost or confused during the process.

My future ambition is to be become a barrister so my EPQ surrounded international human rights law which I believe gave my personal statement a compelling edge. Therefore, I would fully recommend the EPQ as it gives you the opportunity to delve into an area that you are passionate about and create a product that you are extremely proud of at the end

Emmy Mae Edwards