Course Entry Requirements for Criminology

You will need at least 5 GCSE’s at grade 4 or above, one of which being a grade 4 in GCSE English Language.


This is an exciting subject which incorporates aspects of Law, Sociology and Psychology, and will allow you to understand crime and deviance in detail. You will understand different theories of crime, analyse real and contemporary case studies, and study the inner workings of the criminal justice system. You will also learn about the impact crime and criminal behaviour have on society. Questions such as ‘why do people commit crime?’, ‘how should we punish offenders?’ and ‘what is the role of the criminal justice system?’ will be addressed throughout the two-year course.

What you will study

  • Changing awareness of crime – study various types of crime, how crime is portrayed in the media, and how campaigns have led to changes in the law
  • Criminological theories – learn about various criminological theories into why people commit crime
  • Crime scene to courtroom – find out what happens once a crime is detected, how a scene is analysed, and the trial process that leads to a verdict
  • Crime scene and punishment – learn how different organisations work to prevent and protect


A combination of external exams (worth 50%) and controlled assessments (worth 50%) which are spread out evenly over the two-year course.

Course Support

  • Friendly, approachable tutors
  • Regular tutorials
  • Careers links to help with your next steps

Enrichment Activities

  • Trips and visits to enhance learning
  • Talks from guest speakers


There are many progression routes for which a qualification in Criminology would be useful due to the skills you will develop. Lots of our students go on to University, whilst others gain an apprenticeship or begin employment.

Career Opportunities

There are many progression routes for which a qualification in Criminology would be useful due to the skills you will develop. Specific career paths include Police Officer, Prison Officer, Probation Officer, Social Worker, Youth Worker and many more.

Further Information

Criminology Course Leaflet

Exam board course specification

Trip to Shrewsbury Prison


What Our Students Say

Criminology was enjoyable and very interesting and it really developed my knowledge of an area I've always been interested in. The support I got from the tutors in the department was second to none, and I fully believe that the course has helped me in the early stages of my career.

After Carmel, I began a degree apprenticeship with Merseyside Police. Being a full time police officer as well as studying for a degree is difficult but it's definitely a route that I would urge people to consider.

Ben Fearnehough

Criminology student Ben Fearnehough in a police uniform