A Level Statistics is an application of Mathematics but is a growing field of study in its own right. More and more areas of our lives are influenced by Statistics and knowing just how they fit into other studies must be an advantage.

Statistics is used in everything from deciding how much orange juice Tesco will buy next year to whether or not a new drug will indeed cure a serious illness. In between those are; deciding on provision for school places, town planning, quality control in industry and even the ability to understand party political broadcasts!

Statistics is now used so widely that many employers would see a qualification in Statistics as a huge advantage.

Where will this A Level Statistics course lead?

Statistics A Level is a reputable subject and a good grade will help with any Higher Education application. It will also be a major benefit to any qualification involving Psychology, Geography and Biology. Statistics is now used so widely that many employers would see some qualification in Statistics as a distinct advantage. Many students have enjoyed Statistics so much that they go on to study it further at university. Statistics is the perfect choice if you are planning to follow a career path into finance or business.

Course Entry Requirements

GCSE grade 5 in Maths and GCSE grade 5 in English Language.

Statistics Course Leaflet

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A Level Statistics Course Introduction

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Former student Profile

James Darwin, 2014-2016 – Now in Royal Air Force

What Our Students Say

I chose Carmel to be my next step from high school and this choice has helped me be more confident in myself and my abilities. One of the reasons for this is because of the different support and advice they can provide especially careers advice, work experience advice, and personal tutors. For example, I never really knew what I wanted to do for my next steps. However, through the help of careers and my new love for Statistics and Psychology, I knew I wanted to be a clinical psychologist which incorporates both subjects. I really enjoy that Carmel offers work experience opportunities for the students.

I was really nervous to go to college with only one other friend but that changed on the first day. The atmosphere and environment in Carmel college is soothing, caring and it's a lovely place to study and figure out what the future holds for you.

I personally love Maths but I found A-Level Mathematics too difficult so I changed to A-level Statistics where I was met with loads of support. What I love about statistics the most is the exam questions are more predictable than I found the maths ones. Statistics, in most universities, is classed as a science and it can be paired with anything but especially my other lesson, Psychology and Biology. Statistics can be applied to both of them a lot more than maths could and this has helped me excel at these lessons.

In A-level Statistics, the teachers help to organise the chapters into manageable booklets and there is even an abundance of online material on Carmel connect. Statistics is a great skill to have in any university or field of work but I'm glad I can take all the skills and methods from statistics throughout university and my future and use it to help others. I highly recommend statistics because it is a great subject to extend your knowledge, learn something new and supports other subjects so well.

Alisha Campbell