Course Entry Requirements

GCSE grade 5 in Maths and GCSE grade 5 in English Language.


A Level Statistics is an application of Mathematics but is a growing field of study in its own right. More and more areas of our lives are influenced by Statistics and knowing just how they fit into other studies must be an advantage.

What you will study

  • A Level Statistics builds on the Statistics and Probability components of GCSE Maths
  • You will learn how to make sense of data trends and solve statistical problems
  • The course prepares you for further study and employment in a range of disciplines
  • Topics include data analysis, probability, data distributions, hypothesis testing


Three exams at the end of the second year of study

Course Support

  • Your individual needs are continually assessed and monitored throughout the year
  • Formal tutorials are then put in place to address any specific problems you may be having
  • At exams time, the department runs a series of comprehensive revision sessions
  • No Stats students are ever struggling for support

Enrichment Activities

  • Problem Solving Workshops
  • Trips and Visits
  • Educational Talks about mathematical careers


A Level Statistics is a reputable subject and will help with university applications. Statistics will be a major benefit to qualifications involving Psychology, Business, Finance, Geography and Biology

Career Opportunities

Many employers would see Statistics as a distinct advantage. Statistics is the perfect choice if you are planning to follow a career path into finance or business. Career examples include Software Engineer, Actuary, Surveyor, Insurance Underwriter, Research Scientist, Financial Trader, Surveyor, Data Analyst and many more.

Further Information

Statistics Course Leaflet

Exam board course specification

What Our Students Say

“I never really knew what I wanted to do after college. However, with the help of the Careers Team and my new love for Statistics and Psychology, I knew that I want to be a Clinical Psychologist.

I love Maths but I found A Level Maths too difficult so I changed to Statistics where I was met with loads of support. I find the exam questions more predictable than the Maths ones. Studying Statistics alongside my other two subjects has helped me excel in all of these lessons.

I highly recommend Statistics because it is a great subject to extend your knowledge and supports other subjects so well."

Alisha Campbell

Statistics Alisha Campbell