Course Entry Requirements

GCSE grade 5 in Spanish PLUS GCSE grade 5 in English Language


This is a highly respected A Level leading to a wide range of career options as it develops communication and independent study skills. We offer fantastic facilities and resources at Carmel including a state of the art language lab. There are opportunities to travel abroad to Spain as well as outstanding support including lessons with friendly native speakers.

What you will study

You will continue to practise listening, reading, writing and speaking in Spanish, but to a higher level, with much more interesting topics focusing on the culture of Spain and Latin America.

  • Study a range of topics covering different aspects of Spanish society and culture
  • Analyse text and films as part of the written exam
  • Carry out a research project on an aspect of Hispanic culture to discuss in the speaking exam
  • Attend weekly conversation classes


There are internal assessments to track your progress as well as three external examinations at the end of your second year:

Component 1 – Speaking (30%)
Component 2 – Reading, Listening and Translation (50%)
Component 3 – Essay writing: Text (La casa de Bernarda Alba) / Film (Las 13 Rosas) (20%)

Course Support

  • Small group sessions with a native speaker to improve speaking skills
  • Weekly tutorials to improve grammar, reading, writing and comprehension skills
  • A weekly ‘Stretch and Challenge’ session for more able linguists
  • Regular revision sessions before exams
  • High Achievers+ support with applications to competitive universities

Enrichment Activities

  • Visit Spain and immerse yourself in the language and culture
  • HA+ sessions on an introduction to linguistics in Spanish
  • Careers talks and advice from universities and former students
  • Guest speakers from Spain to deliver sessions on the Civil War and Spanish festivals


Students in recent years have gone to university, studying languages by themselves or combined with other subjects, such as business, management, law, administration, ICT, engineering, international marketing and journalism. The choice is endless!

Career Opportunities

Some examples include interpreters, translators, MFL teachers, international lawyers, risk analysts, broadcast journalists, diplomatic service workers, international marketing executives, international travel consultants and many more.

Further Information

SPANISH course leaflet

Exam board course specification

What Our Students Say

Throughout my time so far at Carmel, I have enjoyed all the aspects of my chosen subjects.

In Spanish, I enjoy learning the language in more depth, studying the interesting topics within the course and I also enjoy learning more about the history of Spain too. The classroom environment is always supportive, enabling me to become more independent and confident within not just the subject but myself too.

The timetable consists of a conversation class, a small group of people with a native tutor, this is to improve our language skills, but also helps to keep up with our grammar and the tenses whilst learning new vocabulary and language structures. I would recommend this subject to other students as there really is an element that everyone will enjoy, if you’re looking to take your language studies further.

At Carmel, there are many opportunities to help you find things that you are passionate about that you mightn’t of known about before joining, including lots of enrichment activities to get involved in. The support I have received from my tutors has really pushed me to become more independent and help me do my best in all my subjects.

After Carmel I am hoping to go to university to study Maths with Spanish, in the hope that I can find a career path in the future involving these subjects.

Eliza Jayne Stevenson

Spanish student Eliza Jayne Stevenson