If you study A Level Psychology at Carmel you can expect to be taught by well-qualified, enthusiastic and very experienced staff. Above all, you will be challenged to realise your potential in a variety of exciting and innovative ways.

Psychology is the scientific study of behaviour and is primarily concerned with investigating what people do and why. The department has a history of high achievement well above the national average. Therefore, if you listen to the guidance offered by your tutors you too could be a Psychologist of the future!

Where does A Level Psychology lead?

An A Level in Psychology can take you anywhere. It is one of the most transferable subjects you can study providing you with a variety of skills. Over a quarter of our students progress on to Psychology degrees with the intention of becoming psychologists. Likewise, we have students who have progressed on to careers in medicine, vet science and a range of health professions, dentistry, law, teaching, business, sport and the media to name but a few.

Course Entry Requirements

GCSE grade 5 in English Language and Mathematics.

A Level Psychology Course Leaflet

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What Our Students Say

I really enjoy Carmel as there is always a friendly atmosphere around college. I particularly enjoy studying A Level Psychology as the tutors are so supportive. They always have a positive and optimistic attitude which helps me to feel comfortable and at ease in lessons. This not only makes it easier to ask for help, but also makes the classroom environment a nice place to learn. I’d definitely recommend studying Psychology because it’s really interesting to learn about the mind and our behaviour. You also get to physically go out and do your own research for certain modules.

After I leave Carmel, I’m hoping to study Cognitive Neuroscience and Psychology at the University of Manchester. Psychology at Carmel has definitely provided me with the skills and confidence that will help me to achieve my goals and reach my potential, not only for life after Carmel, but for the rest of my life.

Sarah Golding