Course Entry Requirements

GCSE grade 7 in Maths.


If you get a grade 7 at GCSE you should seriously consider studying A Level Further Mathematics. As maths is such a vast subject it is impossible to cover it all in one A Level. This subject develops some of the concepts met in A Level Maths and brings it to a higher plane. It attracts students who thoroughly enjoy the subject and are keen to extend their understanding and knowledge. The course is chiefly for a student who wishes to study Mathematics, Engineering or any related subject in Higher Education.

What you will study

  • A Level Further Maths builds on what you learnt at GCSE level (algebra and calculus)
  • Introduction to complex numbers and matrices
  • How mathematical ideas are interconnected
  • Fundamental mathematical ideas with wide applications in Mathematics, Engineering, Physical Sciences and Computing


Four exams at the end of the second year of study

Course Support

  • Your individual needs are continually assessed and monitored throughout the year.
  • Formal tutorials are then put in place to address any specific problems you may behaving.
  • At exams time, the department runs a series of comprehensive revision sessions.
  • No Maths students are ever struggling for support

Enrichment Activities

  • Problem Solving Workshops
  • Educational Talks about mathematical careers
  • Maths Workshop with Professor from Oxford University
  • Competitions including UKMT Senior Maths Challenge and Liverpool Maths Society Pop Maths Quiz
  • Extension paper support for students wanting to study at competitive institutions and need to take an admissions test


Further Maths can lead to a wide range of courses in both further and higher education. There are many other diverse areas where mathematical skills are recognised as invaluable and essential. If you are planning to study a mathematics based course at university, we recommend you also study A Level Further Maths too.

If you are considering a Mathematics or Engineering based degree you may find that some universities will actually require that you have studied A Level Further Maths. It is also good for those students who are considering applying for a competitive degree course, for example, Oxbridge entry.

Career Opportunities

A Level Further Maths can lead to a myriad of careers, some obvious ones include accountancy, banking, teaching, engineering, medicine, computing and scientific statistical research.

Further Information


Exam board course specification

Maths students win national competition awards!



What Our Students Say

Studying both Maths and Further Maths has allowed me to develop my interest in Maths and become a more independent, logical student. I would definitely recommend taking both A Levels if you have an interest in the subject as I have progressed a massive amount over the past two years, aided by the support of Carmel’s Maths teachers.

The Maths department at Carmel offers tutorials and one-to-one support and there are lots of resources to help you progress in your subjects. We had the opportunity to take part in the UKMT, a national yearly maths challenge, where you can apply your maths skills to problem solving.

I have particularly enjoyed the added complexity of Further Maths, especially the mechanics modules which provide applications to real life. By taking both Maths and Further Maths, I feel much more prepared to move onto university where I hope to study Maths and Actuarial Science.

Alex Murray

Further Maths student Alex Murray Wade Deacon