If you get a grade 7 at GCSE you should seriously consider studying A Level Further Mathematics.

As maths is such a vast subject it is impossible to cover it all in one A Level. This subject develops some of the concepts met in A Level Maths and brings it to a higher plane. It attracts students who thoroughly enjoy the subject and are keen to extend their understanding and knowledge. The course is chiefly for a student who wishes to study Mathematics, Engineering or any related subject in Higher Education.

Why study A Level Further Mathematics?

This subject is designed for students with an enthusiasm for Mathematics, many of whom will go on to degrees in Mathematics, Engineering, the Sciences and Economics. Students who study this course go off to university and find the content covered and skills acquired of great benefit. If you are considering a Mathematics or Engineering based degree you may find that some universities will actually require that you have studied A Level Further Maths. It is also good for those students who are considering applying for a competitive degree course, for example, Oxbridge entry.

Course Entry Requirements

GCSE grade 7 in Maths.

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What Our Students Say

Carmel has a friendly atmosphere and all the teachers are passionate about their subjects. The Maths Department offers plenty of extra support sessions and the Maths teachers are always willing to help. I find Further Maths a challenging yet interesting subject as it has provided me with further mathematical knowledge as well as the mathematical applications in real life. Through Further Maths, I have been given many opportunities to take part in maths competitions such as the UKMT senior individual and team challenges as well as the Liverpool Pop Maths quiz.

Ann Guo

Ann Guo - A Level Further Maths students