Course Entry Requirements

GCSE grade 5 in History or Humanities (if studied) and GCSE grade 5 in English Language.


History is a very versatile subject, developing skills that are highly sought after in all careers. You will learn about the past can inform your perspective of what is happening in the world globally. You develop critical thinking, empathy, and a world view and gain clear analytical, research and writing skills, all highly useful for higher education and/or the workplace.

What you will study

Unit 1 – British period study & enquiry-
Britain 1930 – 1997
Enquiry Topic: Churchill 1930 – 1951
25% of final mark, 1.5 hour exam Unit 2

Non-British study
-Italian Unification 1789 – 1896
-15% of final mark in 1 hour exam

Unit 3 – Thematic Study
-Civil rights in the USA 1865 – 1992
-40% of final mark, 2.5 hour exam

Unit 4 – Non-exam assessment
-4500 word independent essay
-British Foreign Policy 1945 – 2003
-20% of final mark

Course Support

  • Varied lessons to suit different learning styles
  • One-to-One drop in sessions to consolidate understanding
  • Resources and support via Connect, the student intranet site
  • Regular assessments and tailored feedback
  • ‘Stretch and Challenge’ activities for students striving for that A* grade

Enrichment Activities

  • Lectures by specialist historians on a variety of topics
  • Trips and visits in the UK and abroad to enhance learning. These have included trips to London, America, Berlin, Italy,
    Belgium and France
  • Involvement in oral history projects


A Level History develops essential skills such as research, analysis, critical thinking, challenging viewpoints, independent viewpoints, global perspective, and more. It can lead to a History degree, or Politics, American Studies, Archaeology and more.

Career Opportunities

History leads to a wide range of career opportunities such as law, television, research, politics, journalism, publishing, business and management… the list is endless!

More Information

HISTORY course leaflet

Exam board course specification



What Our Students Say

Whilst studying at Carmel I enjoyed the flexibility of my days and the social aspect of it, I studied economics, business and history.
Whilst studying history I gained a detailed insight into past events whilst learning how to look beyond face value at them.
History is a very informative subject and has gained me skills that’ll be beneficial for the future, the tutors are always available to support you as a student, I’d recommend studying history to anyone who is interested in the subject.

Zach Cairns

History student Zach Cairns