Firstly, in choosing A Level Geography at Carmel, you would be joining an enthusiastic and hard-working department. Therefore, you can expect to be taught by well qualified and experienced staff. All members of the Geography teamwork to develop relaxed and productive working relationships based on mutual respect.

Secondly, As a member of this team, you will be valued as an individual, whilst being challenged academically. This will allow your real potential to emerge as a Geographer, both in the classroom and more importantly, in the field. A Level Geography is an established modular subject which emphasises a balanced understanding of physical and human geography.

Where does an A Level Geography course lead?

As an A Level Geography student, you will have access to a wide range of possible career and Higher Education opportunities. Many students progress onto Higher Education courses in Geography or Environmental Science. Increasing numbers of students are now studying degrees in Sustainable Development, Geographical Information Systems and Environmental Management.

You will be able to build on your existing Geography knowledge. Subsequently, as many former students have done you will have the opportunity to move into specialist careers. Careers such as development, ecosystems and environmental management, land and water processes. As well as careers in cartography and computing, population, settlement and industry as well as tourism and recreation. The list is endless.

Course Entry Requirements

Geography Course Leaflet

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A Level Geography Course Introduction Video

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What our students say about Geography – Georgina

What our students say about Geography – Joel

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Geography Alumni

Anna Roche – Human Biology, University of Liverpool

Fern Morgan – BSc Sustainability & Environmental Management, University of Leeds

Geography News

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What Our Students Say

I have really enjoyed studying Geography at Carmel. The dedication and passion for the students that has been shown from both Rachael and Kieron is truly inspiring and has resulted in the quality of teaching being unmatched. I couldn’t have asked for greater levels of personalised support throughout the course, being encouraged to achieve our best whilst also being treated respectfully as adults such as allowing us to ask for extensions on deadlines to balance our workload and allow us to complete work to a higher level as a result.
Geography has also been the subject within which I have connected with the widest variety of students, making and spending time with friends who are just as passionate for the subject, resulting in students actively wanting to spend time in the classrooms and engage with the wider geography of the world.
The course will help me on an architecture degree at university as it has given me a wider perspective on the physical and sustainable future of design that is becoming more prominent now and will be a key feature in the future of architecture.
It has also given me insight in human geography giving me perspective on the basic human needs and habits of a population which will allow me to think about the requirements of my future designs responding to people and their needs on a deeper level than other people will be able to.

Daniel Curran