A Level Film Studies will appeal to people who are not only interested in watching films, but also in analysing them. You will learn more about the film industry and even develop your own film-related practical skills.

The subject is wide-ranging in content and draws on many different contexts relating to films themselves, the industry and those who consume film-related products.

A Level Film Studies facilities

Film Studies lessons are taught in a dedicated classroom, or in our computer room, where  PCs are installed with relevant software for completion of practical coursework. The latest Adobe suite includes video editing software such as Premiere and After-Effects, as well as Photoshop for the manipulation of still shots. In addition, students can print and scan work in high quality, as well as borrow a wide range of cameras, tripods, dollies, and other equipment from the department. Students can also access loan copies of the films studied, as well as a wide range of other materials.

Where does A Level Film Studies lead?

More than half of A Level Film students usually progress to directly relevant HE courses, with most others progressing to HE courses in wider creative arts/humanities areas.

Course Entry Requirements

GCSE grade 5 in English Language.

Film Studies Course Leaflet

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A Level Film Studies Course Introduction video

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Film Studies Alumni

Abbie Brennan

Lee Hodgetts

What Our Students Say

The community spirit at Carmel is strong. The teachers are friendly and allow for a more than comfortable study environment, making you feel as though you can go to them with any issue and always gain support.

My experience on the film studies A Level proves this. The engaging and active environment within our lessons allowed my knowledge and love for the subject to expand greater than I ever expected. The film, music, and podcast opportunities that Carmel offers allowed me to delve deeper and improve the understanding necessary for university education. It was the coursework component of the film studies course (where I got to make my own short film) which made me fall in love with the art of filmmaking.

I have loved my years at Carmel, and whilst studying through a pandemic, I have felt extremely safe and comfortable here. I would advise everyone to study here.

Archie Chisnall