Course Entry Requirements

Grade 5 in GCSE English Language and a grade 5 in GCSE English Literature (if studied).


English Literature appeals to students who are passionate about reading, debating and interpreting texts from a range of historical periods. It is a great subject for students who enjoy reading, thinking independently and evaluating ideas.

What you will study

  • Critical appreciation of literary texts, demonstrating close analysis of poetry, prose and drama through cogent, detailed essays.
  • Poetry written in the Victorian and modern age; Renaissance and twentieth century drama.
  • A substantial study of two novels post and pre-2000 forms your coursework investigation.
  • The unseen exam component develops you as a wider reader with extracts from works by Hardy, Wilde, Chopin and Conrad to name a few.


  • Three exams at the end of the second year (80%)
  • One piece of Coursework (20%)

Course Support

The English Department takes pride in the level of support we give to our students:
• regular individual interviews with your own specific tutor
• staff there to enable you to achieve the best grades possible
• you can ask for help from any tutor
• revision classes

Enrichment Activities

  • Theatre visits & trips to places of literary interest
  • Study days on specific exam modules
  • Creative writing workshops
  • Exam preparation delivered by Senior Examiners
  • Conferences on English Language
  • Enrichment Programme offering debate, links with the Drama department and the feminist poetry group


English subjects are challenging, but are an excellent preparation both for university and your future career hich demand reasoning, analysis and discussion.

Career Opportunities

Obvious careers include, for instance,  journalism, sales, teaching, management, administration, information management, publishing and careers in the public services.


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A Level English Literature Course Introduction video

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Further Information

A Level English Literature Course Leaflet

Exam board course specification

What Our Students Say

Throughout my time studying English Literature at Carmel I have been consistently challenged to think for myself and reach my full potential as a learner. The support and guidance I have received from my tutor is second to none, making me assured in my essay writing skills and pushing me to achieve my best.

Additionally, taking advantage of the subject's enrichment opportunities has helped me solidify my analytical abilities and widen my academic scope by studying texts I wouldn’t normally pick up.

Choosing English Literature has made me a well-rounded reader with the ability to confidently interpret texts in depth, and has reinforced my passion for the subject. I am excited to continue my studies with an English degree in September.

Grace Perry

English Lit Grace Perry