Course Entry Requirements

Grade 5 in GCSE English Language and a grade 5 in GCSE English Literature (if studied).


English Language is a popular A level appealing to students because it examines texts in the real world such as adverts, newspaper articles and social media platforms.

What you will study

  • How & why language is used in specific ways (audience, purpose & attitudes)
  • Learn and understand new terminology to help you write analytically and concisely
  • Language of speech: a wide range of transcripts from TV & radio, comedy and real-life talk
  • Language Change: covering texts written over time (letters, diaries, adverts, speeches & articles)
  • English in the twenty-first century: examining attitudes to new technology e.g. texts, Twitter & Facebook
  • Language Investigation: coursework investigation on Gender or Culture. You have the freedom to choose your own data


  • Three exams at the end of the second year (80%)
  • One piece of Coursework (20%)

Course Support

The English Department takes pride in the level of support we give to our students:

  • Regular individual interviews with your own specific tutor
  • Staff support to enable you to achieve the best grades possible
  • You can ask for help from any tutor
  • Revision classes

Enrichment Activities

  • Theatre visits & trips to places of literary interest
  • Study days on specific exam modules
  • Creative writing workshops
  • Exam preparation delivered by Senior Examiners
  • Conferences on English Language
  • Enrichment Programme offering debating, personal creative writing, poetry group


English subjects are challenging, but are an excellent preparation both for university and your future career. For instance careers include:

  • Journalism
  • Sales
  • Teaching
  • Management
  • Administration
  • Information management
  • Publishing
  • Careers in public services.

More Information

English Language Course Leaflet

Exam Board Course Specification


What our students say.

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What Our Students Say

Studying English Language at Carmel has allowed me to gain invaluable skills such as critically analysing information and communicating effectively in class discussions on a variety of themes & topics such as speech, language in the 21st century and even my own writing.

I particularly enjoy the creative writing element of the subject, as we are challenged to write a wide-range of genres that we’ve not tried before e.g. script writing, monologues and blogs. Also, there is a very fascinating component where we look at ‘Language Issues’, studying a number of case studies and theories on Standard & Non-standard English, Power and Situation.

The staff at Carmel are committed to making sure that you succeed in the subject - they are always there to support you through whole class feedback and individual targets.

I would recommend choosing A Level English Language as it allows you to be very analytical and process information quite quickly. It also opens up a broad range of careers if you feel unsure of a particular career route.

Rozhin Cheraghian

English Language student Rozhin