A Level Computer Science is a traditional course for those interested in following a career in computer programming. Similarly, other careers include; systems analysis, network engineering and any other computer science related career path.

During the course, you will gain an in-depth understanding of how the computer works and what it can do. It is suited to those who want to extend perhaps their personal interest in computers or to develop skills such as programming.

The Computing Department promises to provide you with a high standard of teaching and extra support to ensure you are successful. Above all, the department wants you to enjoy your studies and be part of its excellent achievements.

A Level Computer Science Course Entry Requirements

Requirements include GCSE grade 6 in Maths and grade 4 in English Language and a grade 5 in Computer Science (if studied).

A Level Computer Science Course Leaflet

Exam Board Course Specification


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What Our Students Say

There is a strong sense of community in this college and I feel that I can rely on my teachers whenever I need help. Computer Science is particularly interesting, more than the other subjects I study because I can develop my problem-solving skills which can be applied to any subject or area of my life. This becomes handy when asked to solve real-world problems in my Tomorrow’s Engineers (Enrichment) challenges.

After leaving Carmel, I hope to go to university to study for an Engineering based degree. Although I haven’t decided yet, I think I would enjoy Software Engineering as I like coding. Unlike the sciences, most of the topics you study at A Level can be useful in later life especially if you intend using lots of technology in the future. Although Computer science is challenging, you will enjoy it.

Divin Domy

Divin Domy - A Level Computer Science