Where does A Level Computer Science lead?

The majority of students progress directly to related HE courses, with most others progressing to HE courses in the wider technology sector. Many students move on to land successful jobs in the IT sector. Computer programmers, software engineers, game developers, app developers and data scientists.

Learning outside the classroom

The Computer Science department at Carmel College adopt a flipped-classroom approach to learning. The traditional method of classroom-based learning is reversed, so that students are introduced to the learning topics before the lesson. Lessons are then used to deepen and further your understanding, meaning class time is more engaging and productive. There is an abundance of drop-in areas with Computer facilities throughout College, where you can practice and develop your programming skills, as well as study the important theory elements. There are many excellent online resources with excellent learning tasks and video tutorials to help you study independently and efficiently as possible.

Why should I study Computer Science at Carmel?

The Computer Science department has a wealth of excellent resources and facilities, as well as excellent fully dedicated teaching staff. We’ll make sure that you receive all the support you need, in order for you to achieve beyond your potential.

A Level Computer Science Course Entry Requirements

Requirements include GCSE grade 6 in Maths and grade 4 in English Language and a grade 5 in Computer Science (if studied).

Computer Science course leaflet

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A Level Computer Science Course Introduction video

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Exam Board Course Specification

What our students say about Computer Science

Computer Science Alumni

Adam Cao – Computer Science, King’s College London

David Waugh – BSc Computer Networks and Cyber Security, Staffordshire University

Computer Science News

Success for Ahmed at Computer Programming Comp

Carmel Code-athon

What Our Students Say

Carmel is an excellent college for those who like to be independent, it’s taught me to be organised with my work and college life.

I love computer science especially the programming and the problem-solving part of the course, it’s very interesting even though it can get complicated, I like to work through and solve the problems that I’ve been given.

The teaching is very good as well. The teachers give you full support to help you do the best you can in the subject. I would recommend the subject to those who are passionate about Computing.

When I leave Carmel, I hope to go into university and study software engineering or another type of engineering-based course. I feel fully supported in college, as Carmel has given me the platform to achieve and aspiration to approach my future career.

Abel Abraham (St Margaret's Church of England Academy)