A Level Chemistry includes regular practical sessions which will help to develop your chemical techniques as well as your laboratory skills. These will also be invaluable for future science related careers.

Practical sessions are closely linked to the theory taught in lessons. This proves an effective way of developing your grasp of the theoretical concepts covered. As well as being an important in its own right, this subject is an essential requirement for medicine, dentistry and veterinary science.

Chemistry Resources

2 fully equipped laboratories with access to a third, including:

Analytical chemistry

  • a full range of titration apparatus
  • melting point machines
  • TLC plates

Synthesis of organic chemicals

  • an extensive range of Quickfit glassware to enable students to work individually developing their laboratory skills
  • reflux apparatus
  • distillation apparatus
  • reduced pressure filtration
  • separating funnels
  • rotary evaporator

All labs have two fume cupboards for use when working with hazardous chemicals. Computer workstations, all students also have access to a computer suite.

Where does this course lead?

As well as being an important in its own right, this subject is an essential requirement for medicine, dentistry, and veterinary science.

In the past our students have entered university to follow many different courses – pharmacy, medicine, dentistry, physiotherapy, analytical chemistry, pure chemistry, forensic science, biological and environmental sciences, law, engineering and business.

Course Entry Requirements

Grade 5 in GCSE Chemistry or 55 in Combined Science plus grade 5 in GCSE Maths and grade 4 in English Language.

Chemistry Course Leaflet

Exam Board Course Specification


Chemistry students win Young Analyst regional competition

Cambridge Chemistry Challenge

What Our Students Say

Joining Carmel in September studying Chemistry was one of the best decisions I have made so far. The excellent facilities and resources available at the college enable us to take part in regular advanced practicals, which are not usually offered in high schools and colleges alike. I enjoy studying Chemistry as the combination of theoretical and practical learning ensures that each lesson is like no other. The Chemistry department is extremely helpful, offering extra support most days of the week so you can reach your full potential. They also provide continual feedback and encourage students to think about life after college. Throughout the two years at Carmel there are lots of enrichment opportunities that you can take part in such as the Cambridge Chemistry Challenge, the Young Analyst competition and the Chemistry Olympiad. I would recommend studying Chemistry as it is extremely relevant to the world around us and is beneficial in a wide range of career choices. I have always enjoyed Chemistry, and hope to continue at university studying Chemical Engineering.

Emily Roberts