We are really proud of our fantastic exam results year on year. Such outstanding achievements are a result of the extremely high quality teaching and learning, support and opportunities provided at Carmel College. After spending two years with us, our students grow not only academically, but also personally; a recipe for a bright future in a wide range to exciting destinations.

Students’ progression into university, further education, employment and apprenticeships is excellent.” Ofsted June 2019

There are far too many students to mention individually so these are just a few examples of some exceptional achievements:-

Alex Liloglou, St Hildas CE, A*A*A*A, Lancaster, Medicine
Grace Leather, Wade Deacon, A*AA – Medicine, University of Liverpool
Jack Molyneux, Sutton Academy, A*A*A* – Medicine, University of Dundee
Grace O’Hare, Rainhill High, A*A*A* – Modern Foreign Languages, University of Liverpool
Jack Mitchelson, Hope Academy, A*AA – Film Production, University of Salford
William Francis, Rainford High, A*A*A* – Electrical & Electronic Engineering, University of Sheffield
Roksana Stanislanska, Cardinal Newman, A*A*A*A – Psychology, University to Durham
Emmy Mae Edwards, Childwall SSA, A*A*A*A – Law, University of Leeds
Matthew Barlow, Rainford High, AAA – Criminology, University of Manchester
Bella Houghton, Rainhill High, AAA – Law, University of Liverpool
Amber Esroffery, Tower College, A*AA – Journalism, Manchester Metropolitan University
Jack Ellison, Cardinal Newman High, A*A*A – History, University of Manchester
Molly Rigby, St Edmund Arrowsmith, Dist*, Dist*, Dist – Paramedic Science, Liverpool John Moores
Rachel Christensen, Heyes High, A*A*A*A – Law, Oxford
Rebecca Webb, Rainhill High, A*A*A* (& AS F Maths A) – Masters in Biology, University of York
Molly Glover, Wade Deacon, A*AA – Politics & International Relations, University of York
Katie Anderson, Wade Deacon, A*A*A – Biology, University of Bristol
Olivia Harpham, Great Sankey, A*A* Dist* – Child Nursing, Edge Hill University
Gemma Eager, Wade Deacon, A*AA – Mathematics and Economics, University of Leeds
Hannah Lynch, St Cuthbert’s, AAA – Psychology, University of Nottingham
Rania Sivaraj, Great Sankey, A*A*A*A – History and Politics, University of Warwick
Daniel Curran, Rainford High, A*A*A*A – Architecture, Manchester School of Architecture
Katie Birchall, Byrchall High School, A*AA – Law and Criminology, University of York
Stephanie Pook, Hope Academy, A*AA, Distinction* – History, University of York
Nathan Briers. The Sutton Academy, A*A*A* – Business Management, University of Liverpool
Cian Goodwin, Great Sankey, A*A*A* – Mathematics, University of Leeds
Samuel Colton, Great Sankey, A*AA – Business Accounting & Finance, Newcastle University
Ben Whitehead, The Blue Coat School, A*A*A – Computer Science/Mathematics, University of Glasgow
Lucy-Jane Ravenall, St Julie’s High School, A*A*A* – Business Management, University of Liverpool
Lauren Hodgetts, Rainford High, A*A*A – Criminology, University of Liverpool
Isaac Mumtaz-Wong, Lord Derby, AAA – Civil & Structural Engineering, University of Sheffield
Henry Penketh, Rainford High, A*AA – Apprenticeship Scheme, St Helens Chamber
Charlotte Slade, Broughton Hall, A*AA – Art Foundation, Carmel College
Alex Grimsditch, St Francis Xavier’s College,  A*A*A* – General Engineering, Durham University
Emmy Mae Edwards, Childwall Sport & Science Academy,  A*A*A*A – Law, University of Leeds
Maddison Rimmer, Culcheth High School, AAA – Contract Law following a Gap Year
Kieran Thomerson, St Gregory’s High School, A*AA – Chemistry with a Year in Industry, University of Nottingham
Lily Coughlin, Maricourt High School, A*A*A*C – English Literature, Loughborough University
Grace Perry, De La Salle, A*A*A* – English, University of York
Daniel McKenna, De La Salle, A*A*A* – Medicine, Edge Hill University
Ellise Mills, Cowley International College, Dist*, Dist, Dist – Adult Nursing, Liverpool John Moores University
Lucy Gregory, Wade Deacon High School, A*A*A* – Medicine, University Birmingham
Edie Lee, Rainford High, A*A*A* – Psychology, University of Leeds
Musa Suleiman, St Margaret’s Church of England Academy, AAA – Medicine, University of Manchester
Joshua Owens, Wade Deacon High School, A*AA – Dentistry, University of Liverpool
Holly Rylatt, Raihnill High School, A*AA – Medicine, Edge Hill University
Gemma Eager, Wade Deacon High School, A*AA – Mathematics and Economics, University of Leeds
Megan Yates, Hope Academy, Dist*A*A* – Psychology, Liverpool John Moores’ University
Theo Sumner, De La Salle, A*A*AA – Maths and Economics, London School of Economics
Emma Bridden, St Gregory’s Catholic High School, AAB – Veterinary Medicine, University of Nottingham
Molly Wright, Sandymoor Ormiston Academy, A*Dist*Dist* – Psychology – University of Salford
Livia Yang, Rainhill High School, AAA – Dentistry (Dental Surgery), University of Liverpool