At Carmel College we value our connection with our former students. We celebrate the achievements and experiences of our alumni with students, staff and the local community.

As well as sharing updates through our alumni profiles which are listed below, we regularly invite our alumni back into college to guide and, most importantly, inspire our current students.  Examples include delivering talks and workshops or offering work experience opportunities.

We love to receive updates from our former students. If you’d like to join our alumni network, please complete the Carmel College Alumni Survey

A great way to connect with the Carmel College Alumni Community is to view our LinkedIn page.

Lucy Cunliffe 2021-2022

Georgia Madden – 2019-2021

Ella Turner 2019-2021

Elliott Truesdale 2019-2021

Caitlin Richards 2019-2021

Jain Saji 2019-2021

Genevieve Lawson 2019-2021

Patrick Cole 2019-2021

Aiden Dillon 2019-2021

Elise Don 2019-2021

Anna Roche 2018-20

Eva Carroll 2018-20

Jack Thompson 2018-20

Rob Horton – 2017 – 2019

Owen Watkins 2016-2018

Harrison Lee 2016-18

Sophie McDonnell 2016-18

Natasha Clieve 2016-18

Caitlin Corrigan 2016-18

Charlie Harding – 2015 – 2017

Caroline Mather 2015-2017

Jessica Mahon 2015-2017

Georgia Hislop 2015-2017

Jack Yates 2015-2017

Sam Roberts 2015-2017

Jessica Pepper 2015-17

Anna Begley 2015-2017

Alicia Hannah 2014-16

Lee Hodgetts 2014-16

Abbie Brennan 2013-15

Mairead Redmond 2013-15

Megan Brown 2013-15

Jess Molyneux 2013-15

Ashley Tyrer 2011-2013