We are completely committed to the principles set out in our Equality and Diversity Policy. As a Catholic College for the Community we believe that every individual is important and has the right to be valued, treated with respect and to achieve their full potential.

This commitment applies to all members of the College Community and beyond: Students, Staff, Governors, Visitors and all those we come into contact with. It underpins everything we do and informs our approach to student support systems, teaching, learning and assessment and to our staffing and recruitment policies. In particular, we strive to create an environment which is inclusive and welcoming and which is free from all forms of discrimination. We take positive action wherever we can by promoting the values of inclusivity and mutual respect and by standing firm in the face of discrimination, harassment or bullying.

The Board of Governors and the Senior Management Team all acknowledge their responsibility for the active promotion of Equality and Diversity, in particular the protected characteristics defined by the Equality Act 2010. The Single Equality Scheme sets out the College approach and commitment to Equality and Diversity.

Leaders and managers create a culture of equality and diversity across the college in which staff and students celebrate difference. Students flourish in this inclusive environment as confident and mature individuals.”
Ofsted 2019

Leaders and managers foster a culture across the college that is compassionate and accepting of difference and one in which students are encouraged to express their own ideas. The high levels of respect and tolerance that students show towards each other, staff and visitors are exemplary.”
Ofsted 2019

Equality and Diversity Policy

Our Equality & Diversity Committee

Our E&D Committee is made up of representatives from the Senior Management Team, teaching staff, support staff, students and the Governing Body. The group meets twice every half term to not only discuss E&D issues that may be affecting the college but also to find ways to promote E&D throughout the college. Recent achievements include:

  • All staff have received training on Everyday Sexism and Unconscious Bias
  • Completed an equality impact assessment relating to STEM subjects at Carmel
  • All students have received E&D training in their Ethics & Values lessons
  • An E&D Calendar has been created and uploaded to Connect, our intranet
  • All staff have been briefed with regards to LGBT issues

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