Today is National Young Carers Awareness Day and what better way to celebrate than with the launch of a short film produced by a group of Young Carers!

Carmel student, and Young Adult Carer, Jamie Boyd has co-produced a short film which is being premiered tonight. The film, You Can Help, aims to raise awareness about the impact a caring role can have on a young person’s life.

Over several months, Jamie has been instrumental in working with a group of Young Carers and Young Adult Carers to produce the film. The aim is to take it out to schools across the region to help raise awareness of the difficulties these young carers face in their school life and with their emotional health. The film will demonstrate how people working at all levels in a school can be vital in identifying young carers and getting them the right support.

You Can HelpĀ will be officially launched to the public at the NOW Festival on 2nd February (see the link below). Jamie is passionate about improving the lives of young people and as a member of the Young People’s Steering Group, she has been heavily involved in organising the Festival too!

Tonight’s Film Premiere, is taking place at First Take, a film company based in Liverpool City Centre. It will be watched by senior officials from Liverpool City Council and professionals from other organisations, as well as the Young Carers who made the film and their families and friends. This is a
great testament to the Young Carers like Jamie who continue to educate professionals by raising awareness of just how important these issues are across Merseyside. It is only by working together that we can ensure Young Carers areĀ identified and supported so they can achieve their best outcomes.

Huge congratulations to Jamie and the other Young Carers and Young Adult Carers who make a difference to young people’s lives.
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