Former Foundation Learning student, Thomas Shacklady, has been successfully voted on to the National Union of Students FE Committee to represent students across the UK. Thomas, currently studying Creative Studies at Derwen College in Shropshire, confidently stood against students from mainstream colleges despite having downs syndrome and learning difficulties and gained a place on the committee.

Sarah Laszlo, Learner Voice Programme Co-ordinator at Derwen College said: “We are delighted to announce that Thomas was successful in being voted on to the Committee. He will now continue the work that former Derwen student Robin Ferguson has been doing with NUS for the last two years to drive forward change within the movement for students with learning difficulties and disabilities.

She added: “Thomas’ role will involve many early morning starts and travel to London for meetings with the rest of the Committee and leading figures within NUS. The role carries much responsibility as Thomas will be raising issues affecting our learners and those like them in other specialist colleges.”

Thomas was delighted to have made it on to the committee, he said: “It was a surprise but it felt great to find out I was on the FE Zone committee. I’m looking forward to travelling across the country and supporting people with learning difficulties disabilities and difficulties. I enjoy being sociable and am looking forward to my role.”

Well done Thomas.