The National Theatre Connections Festival is a national event where drama companies, schools and colleges perform one of a choice of ten plays especially written for the festival by eminent playwrights. The Dalton Theatre Company chose ‘The Monstrum’ by Kellie Smith (currently ‘The Royal Exchange’ writer in residence) and performed it in our home venue, The Dalton Theatre last week. Part of the process is that each performance is transferred to a local professional theatre and each group are assigned a Connections director to support this.
Our visiting director from the National Theatre Connections team was Alex Thorpe who has worked at a number of venues across the UK, most recently as an Associate Director at The Royal Shakespeare Company. He will support us in our transfer to The Lowry Theatre where will perform The Monstrum again in the Quays Theatre on Saturday 1st April. Following this, one version of each play is chosen to perform at the prestigious National Theatre in London in July. There are approximately 500 participants in the festival and we wish them all luck!
We are so proud of the students involved who are from A2 Performance Studies, full time Performing Arts, A-Level Drama and Foundation courses. We’d like to thank everyone who came and supported us!

Please visit our Facebook page to see all the photos from the play.