We are so pleased to hear that the work Carmel’s Interact Group have done to raise money for Africa’s Children in Education (ACE) has made a real difference!

Eleanor Wharton, Eliza McCarthy, Karolyna De Olivaira, Gifty Reji, Tarveen Kaur and Anthony Garner represent Carmel’s Interact Group who are supported by Rotary UK. The group are an independent committee of students who have come together to help raise funds for charities and organisations that are important to them. Earlier this year, the Interact Group were visited by representatives, Sue & Ron, from Rotary UK who gave a presentation on the work ACE do to make a difference for young people and their education in Africa.

Our students were so passionate about helping others that they went above and beyond to raise a phenomenal amount of money. The donations raised have been spent on fundamental resources to help young people in Tanzania enhance their education. As a result of their hard work, the group attended the Rotary UK annual lunch to explain the work that has been going on in and around college to raise awareness. In return our students were presented with certificates and a personalised thank you video in recognition for their hard work, passion and determination to make a difference.