Before half term, a group of eighteen students had the rare opportunity to visit the Maryton Carmelite Monastery in Allerton.

This is the first of four visits which will establish links between the college and the Monastery. It is part of our ongoing effort to explore our heritage, looking at the history and foundations of Carmel.

During the visit, our students listened to a talk by Sister Mary Pia. They gained some fantastic insights into the significance of Mount Carmel. This included stories of Elijah, the hermit communities and the move of the Carmelite nuns to England.

The group had the opportunity to identify key themes from the information they received, including the importance of silence and contemplation. Students and staff also  joined the midday prayers with the Sisters in the fantastic chapel at Maryton. The next visit will focus more on the lives of the Carmelite Saints.

Head of RE, Sarah Daley, said ‘It was an absolute privilege to visit the contemplative order and we are extremely grateful to Sister Mary Pia and all at Maryton’.