Once again, this Christmas we are coming together as a community to support homeless people in St Helens, Liverpool and Manchester. Staff and students have been donating men’s trousers, jeans, tracksuit bottoms, socks and underwear. Our donations will be distributed to the Hope Centre in St Helens, a local charity that provides support, training and advice to those affected by unemployment, homelessness, drug and alcohol misuse, mental health conditions and social exclusion. We are also asking people to donate sanitary products for homeless women. Charities rely on these donations as they don’t receive any funding for these products.

To raise further awareness of the experience of the homeless community through the cold winter months, four of our wonderful students and our Chaplain, Kate, are taking part in a ‘solidarity sit out’. They will be sitting in front of the college entrance all day today to raise money for the Hope Centre.
If you would like to donate, here a few websites where you can help.



Homeless sign - I have a bed I'm collecting for someone who doesn't