To celebrate World Philosophy Day, our Philosophy, Ethics and Religion students visited Liverpool yesterday where they explored the city to examine philosophical and ethical questions.

Starting the day at the World Museum, they visited the Ancient Egyptian Exhibition, including the mummy room, to discuss the debates surrounding materialism and dualism and to think about the age-old question of what happens when we die.

The group also visited the Time and Space Exhibition to discuss arguments from design for the existence of God. After a brief pit-stop at the Picton Reading room in Liverpool Central Library, they had examined some of the religious art and ideas of aesthetics in The Walker Art Gallery.

After lunch they discussed the ideas of the numinous and the sense of awe and wonder at the Anglican Cathedral. Finally, the Catholic Cathedral of Christ the King provided a great opportunity for contemplation of the discussions and questions of the day.

Head of RE, Sarah Daley, commented “It was a fantastic day all round which exercised our leg and brain muscles alike!”

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