Congratulations to Carmel Art and Design students, Grace Sabatina, Robert Scott and Jon Gonzales, who have submitted entries to this year’s SFCA Art Exhibition 2022: Planet Future. Each piece shows the students’ creative interpretation of the theme.

The students explain more about their exhibition pieces and what gave them inspiration to create them.

Destruction of Destruction, Grace Sabatina (Lower Sixth) Studying A- Level Fine Art

 World War II is often used as a starting point in presenting data relating to climate change, showing how war and our mutual climate battle coincide, yet we never seem to make this arguably obvious connection between these destructive events as they take place. Both are colossal topics that only seem to have media presence one at a time, as in climate news disappearing as soon as a war begins, and so I wanted to link the two in the form of my images, in order to show the often-unspoken reality of war’s impact on climate change.

 Future Forgotten Memories, Robert Scott (Upper Sixth) Studying A-Level Photography

Our memories are connected and evoked by the places that we know and visit. My concern is, that due to climate change the places that we physically connect with will in time disappear. Once the physical places that we remember and value are gone, the future of our memories begin to fade and disappear.

 Car Boot, Jon Gonzales (Upper Sixth) Studying A-Level Photography & A-Level Graphic Design

 The images above are about how much of an impact thrifting is to the world. It allows families to be able to afford items at a much cheaper price compared to it being sold at retail price. Another advantage of thrifting is that it benefits the world as these items – such as clothes, toys, tools, decorations etc., are being passed down to their younger generations instead of being thrown away at garbage centres or just left to be abandoned along streets. Which is why you should support brands that focus on producing items that are biodegradable, 100% recyclable, eco-friendly and just best for the environment.

Well done all!

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