Lower Sixth Chemistry have showcased their exceptional talent and commitment to the field of chemistry by participating in the renowned Cambridge Chemistry Challenge this year. Their outstanding achievements have earned them well-deserved recognition in this fiercely competitive academic arena.

Among the talented participants, one student was awarded the coveted Gold certificate, while an impressive four students secured Silver certificates. Additionally, a remarkable 28 students proudly received Copper certificates for their commendable performance. This achievement underscores the remarkable potential and dedication of our students in the field of chemistry.

The Cambridge Chemistry Challenge is an illustrious competition organized by the University of Cambridge. It is specifically designed to challenge and push the boundaries of the best chemistry students in the country. The rigorous nature of the competition is exemplified by the fact that certificates are only conferred upon the top two-thirds of entrants.

To prepare for this demanding competition, our students accessed past papers available on the Cambridge Chemistry Challenge website. These resources helped them familiarize themselves with the style of questions and provided valuable insights into the type of critical thinking and problem-solving skills required to excel.

Craig Wilson, Head of Lower Sixth Chemistry, emphasized the importance of the Cambridge Chemistry Challenge, stating, “This competition aims to stretch and challenge students with a keen interest in chemistry. Not only does it provide a valuable addition to their personal statements, but it also takes them significantly beyond the A-Level chemistry syllabus. It encourages them to approach science with the depth and rigor expected at the university level.”

Our college is immensely proud of our students’ accomplishments in the Cambridge Chemistry Challenge, and we commend their dedication to the pursuit of excellence in the field of chemistry.

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