Congratulations to High Achievers+ student, Ina Colta for being the highest scoring female player in a recent Liverpool Schools Chess Tournament. Ina represented the ‘Hybrid Team’ and won a trophy!

Ina really enjoyed taking part in the competition, it gave her the opportunity to be part of a team and show off her skills individually. It gave her the chance to understand how to time her game under pressure and how different factors can affect your game.

She said: “During the Chess Congress I had the chance to play in a simultaneous game against International Master, Gary Quillan, which was something completely new for me. Even though I lost, I still think it was a great game where I learned a lot. I don’t plan to stop here as there so many areas I need to improve on and skills to develop in chess and I’m going to do my best to become a strong player.”

Ina would like to thank her teachers for all her achievements in chess. She would also like to thank her Grandpa, Alexei, who gave her the foundation and taught her to play intuitively and a special thanks to her current teacher; Carmel Maths Tutor, Tom Quilter.

“Tom has shown me the theory parts and helped me improve a lot from the strategical and tactical point of view.”

Well done Ina, we wish you the best of luck with your chess in the future.