Upper Sixth student, Keira Anthony-Bowles has been making the most of some of the opportunities we have for our students at Carmel. Recently, Keira attended a Virtual Youth Changemakers Convention as a college CAFOD Youth Leader representative.

The event was a great opportunity for young people to share ideas, and network, gain knowledge, skills and confidence in the fight against Climate Change.

Keira says“The event was amazing! I enjoyed attending all of the zoom calls; I found them very informative and it encouraged me to put myself out there. This gave me the idea to create a group chat full of people who attended the event, so we can call and stay in touch while planning how to raise awareness for climate change.

We are very proud of Keira for living out our college mission & ethos by embracing the opportunity to live and help others enjoy ‘life to the full.

If you would like to do your part for the planet and join the global youth movement, here is the link – Youth for Our Planet website