At Carmel, we pride ourselves in giving our students every opportunity to gain experience and employability skills to help with their future careers. An example of this is the opportunity to apply for the annual Nuffield placement. This is a regional programme which aims to match A-Level students who are studying STEM-related A-Levels (Science, Technology, Engineering, Maths) with relevant work placements for a 3-4 week period during the summer holidays. Students can choose a preference and the placements are based in the Northwest. The placements can vary from current STEM employers such as Unilever, to PhD and Research Scientist based at local universities.

Students who are successful in gaining a placement will be completely immersed in the daily workings of a Research Scientist working in their chosen area of STEM. They will be expected to undertake research as well as produce and evaluate results, which they will present at the end of the project. This is an invaluable opportunity to gain work experience, enhance employability skills and network. These placements are exceptionally well regarded by all universities and support their UCAS application to highly competitive courses.

The Nuffield placement is selective and always oversubscribed but we have an excellent track record. Students always enjoy the placement and get a lot out of it. It often helps solidify what the students applies for at university. Take a look at what our students had to say about their placements.