Carmel College is proud to be part of St Peter’s College Schools Ambassador Project for the second year running. Head of the High Achievers, Nicola Walker and Maths tutor, Jonny Lavelle, recently visited St Peter’s, Carmel’s link college at Oxford, where they had a chance to meet with academics.

The project is designed to provide career and personal development for teachers in their subjects by pairing them with an Oxford academic. The intention is to additionally raise the profile of St Peter’s and the University as a whole within partnership schools, and encourage more suitably-qualified pupils to apply, not least from students with under-privileged backgrounds.

Professor Balázs Szendroi and Jonny Lavelle

As part of the project, Jonny will be paired with Professor Balázs Szendroi, who specialises in pure mathematics at Oxford. The University aims to enhance the teachers’ subject expertise and knowledge of University admissions. Carmel’s link tutors will also be invited to Oxford for two events per year, in order to get to know the college, its facilities, and key staff.

Head of High Acheivers, Nicola Walker, said “The Ambassador scheme was a tremendous success so we are very much looking forward to running it again this year with a Maths focus.  Professor Szendroi will also be visiting Carmel later in the year to run a tutorial with our high achievers.”

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