Congratulations to the class of 2019 who received their exam results today. The atmosphere in college was fantastic as students celebrated their success with friends, parents and teachers.

This year students achieved a very impressive Level 3 pass rate of 98.42% with 55.75% top grades (A*-B / Dist*-Dist) and 79.29% high grades (A*-C / Dist*-Merit). 

2019’s results confirm that Carmel is:
One of the top 10 Sixth Form Colleges in the country*
The top performing college in Merseyside*
The top A Level provider in St Helens*

*The Times, % A* / A*-B grades (16-08-19)

We are extremely proud of all our students who have worked so hard during their two years here and wish them well for the future. Congratulations to Cameron Mumtaz-Wong who will go on to Cambridge University to study Chemical Engineering after achieving 3 A*s and an A. Well done to Nicole Cardoza, Zara Cowan, Jasmine Lee, Amarra Mossman and Lauren Norton who have all secured places to study Veterinary Science / Medicine and also to Jessica Hogg and Victoria Johnson who will be studying Medicine at university.

Carmel College Principal, Mike Hill, was delighted. He commented, “We are really pleased with this year’s excellent results which follows our Outstanding Ofsted Grade awarded in the summer. It’s so good to see so many of our students gaining the grades they were targeted which will allow them to go on to their chosen destination. Not only does this show how hard our students have worked, it also illustrates how our staff continue to be passionate about working with students both in passing on their knowledge and supporting them to achieve their best.”

There are far too many students to mention individually so these are just a few examples of some exceptional achievements:-

Nicole Cardoza, Great Sankey, 2 A*s and 2 As – Vet Medicine, Cambridge
Callum Cox, De La Salle, 4 A*s, Computer Science, University of Manchester
Tom Gill, De La Salle,  4 A*s, Computer Science, University of Manchester
Jasmine Jim, Blue Coat, 3 A*s and an A – Product Design, Nottingham Trent University
Cameron Mumtaz-Wong, Childwall Academy, 3 A*s and an A – Chemical Engineering, Cambridge
Raphael Ardani, Wade Deacon, A* and 3 As – Civil Engineering, University College London
Jacob Griffiths, Childwall Academy, 4 As – Law in 2021 after 2 yrs in the Philippines
Ryan Puxley, Rainhill High, A* and 2 As – Modern Languages and Cultures, Durham University
Eleanor Stevens, De La Salle, A and 3 x Distinction* – Early Yrs Education, Edge Hill University
Joseph Turasz, St Ed Arrow (Whiston), 2 A*s, an A and a B – Maths, Durham University
Megan Barlow, Wade Deacon, 2 A*s and 2 As – Maths, Nottingham University
Mathew Berry, The Prescot School, A* and 2 As – History and Politics, University of Liverpool
Alex Burke, Rainhill High, A* and 2 As – Chemistry, Durham University
Adam Cao, Childwall Academy, A*, 2 As and a C – Computer Science, Kings College London
Zara Cowan, 2 As and a B – Veterinary Medicine, Nottingham University
Bethany Crilly, The Sutton Academy, Distinction* and 2 As – English Lang & Lit, University of Manchester
Olivia Cruickshanks, Bellerive, 2 x Distinction* and a Distinction – Midwifery, Chester University
Jade Edwards, Wade Deacon, A* and 2 As – Chemistry, University of York
Joseph Ford, Blue Coat, A* and 2 As – Physiotherapy, University of Birmingham
Mollie Hammerton, Tower College, 2 A* and an A – Law, University of Liverpool
Joshua Heald, Culcheth High A* and 2 As – Philosophy, Politics and Economics, Lancaster University
Ben Hesford, Rainford High,  A* and 2 As – Maths, University of Leeds
Jasmine Lee, Wade Deacon, A* and 2 As, Medicine, Lancaster University
Joshua Mather, The Sutton Academy, 3 A*s – Maths & Computer Science, University of Manchester
David McClements, Litherland High, 3 As – Marketing, University of Kent
Fern Morgan, Broughton Hall, 3 As – Sustainability and Environmental Management, University of Leeds
Amarra Mossman, 3 Bs – Veterinary Medicine, Royal Veterinary College, London
Alex Murray, Wade Deacon, 3 A*s, Maths and Actuarial Science, University of Manchester
Lauren Norton, Wade Deacon, A* and 2 B’s, Veterinary Science, Nottingham University (after a gap yr)
Oscar Pimlett, St Gregory’s, 2 As and a Distinction*, Primary Education, Edge Hill
Sam Puxley, Rainhill High, 1 A* and 2 As – English Literature and History, Durham University
Ruby Riley, The Prescot School, 3 As – Architecual Engineering, University of Leeds
Emily Roberts De La Salle Distinction* and 2 Distinctions – Early Yrs Education, Edge Hill University
Chris Taktak, De La Salle, A* and 2 As – Mechanical Engineering, University of Liverpool

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