Renowned scientist, Dr Natalie Kenny and CEO of BioGrad, motivates Carmel students to pursue goals with inspiring presentation!

Earlier today we had the privilege of welcoming Dr Natalie Kenny, CEO of BioGrad and local hero to our college. Dr Kenny presented an exciting talk as part of our “Inspire Me” series, sharing her awe-inspiring story of overcoming personal and financial struggles, combating prejudice and sexism within her scientific field, to become CEO of a thriving company specialising in medical and scientific support for education and research organisations across the North West.

Natalie relocated to the North West, with no belongings, documentation, accommodation or job, from the South of England after enduring a traumatic experience in her personal life. Balancing her role as a single mother, Natalie decided to pursue her dream career of becoming a scientist after convincing Liverpool Science Park to give her a lease on the lab for a year.

Her passion project, BioGrad, became her full-time commitment and after years of dedication, Dr Kenny is set to open the UK’s second largest biobank facility in Liverpool. Through BioGrad Education, Dr Kenny offers a range unique laboratory-based courses, including undergraduate and postgraduate study, to increase the research opportunities across the North West.

Bethannie Freeman, Biology tutor & MDV Coordinator here at Carmel said “Natalie provided an inspirational talk to our A Level science students this afternoon, with guidance on what to consider in a future career and how scientific research can open so many doors for them. This was highly valuable to our students, especially as they begin their university applications”.

We are very grateful to Dr Kenny for visiting us and motivating our students to achieve their full potential, overcome challenges and pursue their dream careers.

Find out more about the opportunities available through BioGrad Education today.